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    Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

    The oasis of Ein Gedi is a strip of three miles along the steep slopes of the Judean Desert curving down to meet the western coast of the Dead Sea. The lower plateau is at an elevation of 300m below sea level; while the higher slopes tower to 100m above see level. The rivers of David and "Arugot" are dug into the mountains in a V shape, and give life to the whole region. The entire flow of all its fountains and rivers yields 3.5 million cubic meters of water per year.


    Located on an isolated quick Marlstone Hill, Qumran is one of the most exciting archaeological sites around the Dead Sea. This was the seat of the Dead Sea Cult, probably an early Jewish version of what was later to become the first Christian monasteries. Here we can find remains of a unique culture which was wisely using the limited resources that the desert would offer. It was here and around this site that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Some suggest that John the Baptist was, for a short while, a part of this enigmatic community.

    Kalia Beach

    The most north- Dead Sea beach on the western (Israeli) side, Just 25 minutes drive from Jerusalem. Simple and very accommodating beach; an open café with special water-cooling fans enables a 360° view over the Judean and the Jordanian desert and the Dead Sea.


    Majestically towering high above the plateau of the Dead Sea, the mountain of Masada is undoubtedly one of the most impressive in the Judean Desert. The elevation at the top is barely 100m above sea level, while the bottom way below is brimming with the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, forming a remarkable drop of about 400m.

    Ein Bokek - Hotels

    Ein Bokek is located in the Southern basin of the Dead Sea. All Hotels are located here. You can find a list of hotels in our 'Where to Stay' page.

    'Kasser al-Yahud' – Baptism Site

    The baptism of Christ is regarded to be his spiritual birth. The baptismal site is considered to be the third in significance after the Church of Nativity and the Church of the Holly Sepulcher.

    Nahal Og

    An attraction for hikers with some challenge is waiting for you in the lower part of Nachal Og (Og Valley). This river is dry almost year round, and cuts through the vast plateaus and the steep cliffs of the Judean desert, creating a tortuous winding canyon. The name of the valley Og, is Hebrew for the plant Rhus Tripartita. Euthymius the Great in the 5thcentury established a coenobium monastery in the heart of the valley.

    Nabbi Moussa

    According to the Jewish and Christian tradition, as literally said in the bible (deut. 34 ,1) the burial place of The prophet Moses is unknown. It is stated that the general location should be at the mountains of Moab within the Kingdom of Jordan, on the opposite side of the Dead Sea. But the Moslem tradition of the burial place of Moses is slightly different dated back to the 13th century.

    Mount Sodom

    The name ‘Sodom' is mentioned in the book of Genesis concerning the city of sinners that Lot, Abraham's cousin had to escape from, after protecting his angel-guests from a wrathful mob. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were entirely destroyed by The Lord, and this mountain was there to observe the scene.
    Mount Sodom is located to the west of the southern basin of the Dead Sea.

    Einot Zukim

    One of the extraordinary reserves around the Dead Sea is Einot Tzukim, or in its original Arab name: Ein-Fashcha, at the northwest shores of the Dead Sea. The only official "closed reserve” in the Middle East is within its boundaries. After the ticket office the visitors are free to roam the open reserve on their own, have a picnic or bathe in the natural water pools. The hidden reserve can only be visited with an authorized tour guide. The ‘closed reserve' can only be entered by research-scholars. The idea was to keep the restricted zone developing with no interference. The reason for this exceptional decision is the rapid and constant changes in landscape.

    Mineral Beach

    There are quite a few available resorts along the coasts of the Dead Sea. Mineral Beach is a good option for visitors on the Israeli side. It is initially located in the northern part of the Dead Sea, exactly in the middle of the western coast of the northern basin of the Dead Sea. So it is a good stop on your way to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or the north.

    Ein Gedi Beach

    The most north shore of Tamar Local Council is an official bathing-shore, free of charge and includes all the necessary services. Lifeguard, rescue boats, first aid station, and fresh water.
    Free fresh water showers are available at the shore. Hot showers and changing rooms are available at the top for a symbolic fee of 2-3 nis.
    There is a spot to the south of the shore (right) with natural black Dead Sea mud

    Biankini Beach

    Run by the experienced Jerusalem club owner Dina Cohen. The unique atmosphere of Biankini beach is instantly clear: Colourful Moroccan ornaments are everywhere, decorating exotic corners, an authentic Moroccan restaurant, and a special boutique selling privately imported goods from Morocco.

    Neve Midbar Beach

    Spectacular shoreline, shaded lawns of grass, wardrobes, washrooms and lifeguard services. Children fresh water pool (open from spring till autumn), a souvenir and a Dead Sea beauty products shop.

    Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens

    An old Chinese proverb says: If you're left with your last penny – buy a flower. Understanding the limitation of water supplies in the middle of the desert, the choice of Kibbutz Ein Gedi to start (and later on, virtually become) one of the largest Botanical Gardens in the Middle East could seem somewhat irresponsible. But that is history. What started as a whim of some members of the kibbutz in the late 50's had brought some respectable awards and wide world recognition in the 90's.

    Nahal Arugot

    This is the longest running river on the western coast of the Dead Sea. The hike along the river can take up to 4 hours in various combinations. One can choose between a dry hike on the river banks, overlooking the river from a high steep cliff, or a walk in the water. The latter is fairly easy but never the less it is quite adventurous, including some climbs against running water, river crosses with slippery stepping stones, definitely a lot to enjoy and see

    Nahal David

    A full Judean desert experience is encapsulated in this short but non-the-less spectacular river hike. David River (Nahal David) is in the northern branch of the reserve of Ein Gedi. The river itself is about 11km long. It starts high up the Judean plateau, keeps a moderate slope and is mostly dry. It drops some 190m down a huge dry waterfall to the level of the sloping cliffs, where it creates a steep and curly canyon of white smooth limestone. The springs are located in a lower part of the river.

    Southern Basin Beaches

    All Hotels are situated along the Southern Basin of the Dead Sea near Ein Bokek.
    This area is considered to be the center for visitors and consists of Hotels and Shopping Centers.

    Qumran Visitors Center - Shopping

    If you want to bring the Dead Sea home with you to family and friends, this shop has everything you want and need.
    Dead Sea Cosmetics, jewelry and Souvenirs. There is also a restaurant in the shop.
    The shop is located at the entrance of the Qumran Visitors center
    Opening hours 8:00-17:30

    Masada Visitors Center

    This is a relatively new center that has opened. Its in the entrance to the Masada National Park. The shop contains Dead Sea cosmetics, souvenirs, Masada memorabilia's and a restaurant.
    Tel 1700-555566

    Ein Hatchelet - Shopping Center

    This shopping center is located in the center of the hotel area in Ein Bokek.
    Its small but will answer most of your needs.
    Café, Currency Exchange, beach wear, jewelry and Dead Sea cosmetics. There is also a small shop carrying necessary travel items, like water and sun lotion.

    Tel 08-6584004

    Petra Shopping Center

    Located comfortably in center of Ein Bokek. Walking distance frommost Hotel in Ein Bokek
    There is a café and fast food restaurant, Dead Sea cosmetics, Souvenir shops and a currency exchange.
    You can find most basic products you may need during your stay at the Dead Sea.

    Tel  08-6520131

    Beit Sarah Guest House - Ein Gedi

    Beit Sarah Guest House - Ein Gedi